What I say about living in Shanghai

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There’s no time like now so I make a quick move.

let’s start to write what I feel now.

What I say about living in Shanghai

Normally there are no such a chance that I could express my feeling about living in Shanghai.
So here, Trying to express some of my thinking as Japanese worker in China.

What things I like China more than Japan.

This is very clear for me. In my understanding, China is always developing more and more.
You can find everywhere is under construction, and looks like there are so many spaces are undeveloped
Off course So many places are already well developed and they have shops and service as much as other countries have.and some of them is exceeding other countries also.But still, I can find so many potentials here. so that is why I like Shanghai.

What is most surprised me through living in Shanghai?

I am not sure that China is best for IT Expanding,
but surely lots of Chinese services are very very advanced at E-Pay system which can pay via only mobile.
For example, you can refer to this article,

referNow WeChat Lets You Gift a Starbucks Coffee to Friends

So basically you can pay everywhere by using your mobile phone even for taxi, local super markets, and restaurants.
You will lose the chance to use ATM if you once getting used to this system.
This is astonishing!! I never imagined this kind of lifestyle is existing before. I could not say Japan is more convenient than China.In future, I will try to discover more detailed cases of these.( If you come up with some questions please comment it.)

Wonderful transportations

In Japan, If you take a subway at least cost will be 160 Japanese yen, (it is approximately 10 Chinese yuan)
but here in Shanghai is just take 2 yuan or 3yuan also their service is quite good, it is coming every 5min and very clean and calm.
Also, city-bus is very convenient in Shanghai and cheap, so Subway is not the only possible way to go around the city.
Lastly, the taxi in China is a common way to travel around in town. I mean it is quite cheap (I feel the cost of calling a taxi is the one-fifth of the price in Japan .)
and the driver knows where to go. They don’t need to check any map or their GPS in lots of cases. Additionally, a taxi driver who is waiting at Airport they can speak some English and Japanese, unlike Japanese taxi driver. anyway, It is very comfortable to go everywhere.

Chinese citizen understands there are differences among persons and they are used for treating diverse.

This is kind of difficult to explain, but I will try. As a Japanese, I can say that Japanese is single nationality (races), so normally they are not used to meet ppl from different context or background.So even they met some foreigners, Normally what they do is enforce you to do the same things or offer you same contents.
but here in Shanghai, once I speak some Chinese they immediately realized that I am not a Chinese (by looking people can not tell I am Chinese or not.)Then what they do is very different. They just start to show and try to skip some of the procedure for finishing process and they look very relaxed. (If it is japan, I think Japanese staff will confuse…)
This is just one example, However, what I want to point out is,
naturally, they knew there are differences among ppl so they are very comfort to treat differences because there are so many races and languages even among Chinese.
See you for next time. I Hope it is coming soon.
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